Top 5 Must-Have Hair Colors for 2016/2017

Don’t you notice that your hair seeks for a cool change and a trendier look? Liven it up with one of these must-have hair colors in 2016/2017. Choose the best red, blonde or brown shade to highlight the charm of your hair, complexion and the shine of your hot eyes. Harry up and amuse your friend with your huge transformation. Consult with a colorist not to fail the result.  hair colors 2017Orange-Red Hair Color

I would like to start with the most amazing red hair color for 2016/2017. It’s the ginger inspired orange-red hair color with that awesome brightness in. being such a vibrant hair color it warms up pale complexions and perfectly goes with green eyes. It will make you polished and very attractive. Orange-red works with pale to medium skin tones, which have pink undertones.Orange-Red Hair ColorMonochrome Brown Hair Color

There is no need to mention that monochrome browns look too natural. With a deep and shiny brown shade, you will look so classy and elegant. Even if you are a natural brunette who thinks of a stronger hair color you can opt for a deeper brown shade. Black ladies who change their hair into blonde or red shades should keep in mind that monochrome browns are must-have hair color for them if they want to enhance their natural beauty.  

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