Top 5 Low-Maintenance Hair Colors for 2018

Here, each stroke perfectly blends into the hair to create a lovely hair look. The natural-looking brown highlights work cool on blonde hair. Balayage will definitely cut you visits to hair salon. Red Hair Color 

Whether you are a natural redhead, or you have committed to become a redhead, you may always update your hair color with a vibrant hair shade. We highly recommend you starting with subtle highlights moving towards your desired hue. Don’t harry up to touch your roots. In order to give your hair colorist a better idea of what you exactly want, show him/her this picture.   Sun-kissed Face Highlights 

This option is great for a woman that is looking for an ultra low-maintenance hair color. All you need to do is to commit to some flattering face-framing highlights. If you are a brunette, go for chestnut or caramel babylights. Blondes will need to opt for blonde highlights. However, your colorist should choose something according to your complexion and hair shade.  

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