Top 5 Low-Maintenance Hair Colors for 2018

Some females avoid going for a new hair color, because of touchups. Well, it is a huge problem for modern women that are always run out of time. When the roots start showing off, not everyone is ready to book at the salon that week. Covering up the bad roots are really something to worry about. If the grown out roots is the main reason why you don’t switch up you hair color, then watch these top 5 low-maintenance hair colors for 2018. These hair colors don’t require frequent visits to salon. hair colorsTortoiseshell Hair Color 

Warm shades are nothing but chic and sophisticated. They look great on warm skin tone but that doesn’t mean that women with other skin tones can’t get the color. If a warm shade is something you are looking for, then consider tortoiseshell. It can be achieved by mixing a few shades such as golden blonde, rich caramel, chestnut and dark brown. The combination of these tones provide with a natural-looking shade. Tortoiseshell Hair Color Sombre Hair Color 

The natural and subtle take on ombre is sombre that is getting more and more popular. This cascading blend of colors are great for everyone. The best thing about sombre is that it can make even the most unnatural tints appear super natural as the technique doesn’t use harsh lines. The sombre requires minimal upkeep. If, you like this shade, ask your hair colorist for two-three tone lighter then your shade. sombre hair colorBalayage Hair Color 

Balayage is one of those techniques that provide with the most natural-looking effect. Your hair colorist needs to use free hand painting technique to apply the shades you want.

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