Top 10 Redheads in Hollywood

Hollywood is full of redhead celebrities who have already managed to capture our hearts. They are inspiring for females that are trying to make their decision about reds. Red is versatile and you have many options to choose. Since this color is going to be popular in coming seasons too, you need to check out these 10 redheads in Hollywood and get inspired. While choosing a red shade, don’t forget to consider your skin tone and some other important factors.Top 10 Redheads in HollywoodAmy Adams

We could hardly imagine this beautiful actress without any other shade. The deep strawberry blonde hue flatters her skin complexion and brings out the beauty of her blue-green eyes. According to her colorist this look has been achieved by mixing two different red hues.

Amy Adams strawberry blonde hair

Amy Adams strawberry blonde hair

Christina Hendricks

This deep ginger shade looks particularly good with fair skin tones. Actually ginger is a natural-looking shade and it is gorgeous with proper complexions. Since after several days we are going to meet fall, this deep ginger color can be the best transformation.

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