Top 10 In-Demand Hair Colors for Spring 2017

We have only several days to complete winter. Soon we are going to replace our heavy, winter clothes with light and colorful outfits. With an outfit you should consider changing your haircut and hair color as well. Here I have selected top 10 in-demand hair colors for spring 2017 to provide the best ideas for spring. These colors range from solid to daring and from bold pastels to muted smoky tints. Let’s hope you will not face troubles while choosing the exact shade for you.Top 10 In Demand Hair Colors for Spring 2017Nude Hair Color

Nude hair is an elegant and delicate trend that has already managed to have a big impact on hair industry. Here the main goal is to match the color to your skin tone while providing a natural looking appearance. Nude hair allows your features to shine and it looks different on everyone. Many celebrities embraced this trend at different periods of time.Nude Hair Color 2017Jewel Toned Hair Color

Don’t hurry to say goodbye to jewel-toned hair colors in upcoming seasons as this trend is here to stay. Jewel tones came to replace all those pastel hues that are really hard to maintain. Get ready to try out the boldest jewel-toned hair colors such as ruby, emerald, teal, amethyst and etc. These shades are the opposite of nude hair and have nothing natural.

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