“Tiger Eye” Hair Color Ideas for 2017

When it comes to subtle ombre fades and highlights on the hair, we have already managed to see everything from balayage to tortoiseshell and ecaille. Today we came up with a new hair color technique known as “Tiger Eye”. It is the best moment to start the new year with good vibes. Actually tiger eye is an ancient stone that has been worn for protection and confidence. It involves rich brown and gold tones. So, these colors are seen blended through strands using a technique similar to balayage. Many celebrities have already managed to experiment with this new trend, now it is your turn! Have a look at these pictures of tiger eye hair color ideas for 2017 and get inspired from.Tiger Eye Hair Color Ideas for 2017Tiger Eye Hair Color

Don’t fear to get the same effect as the true tiger’s eye stone. Since the balayage technique is meant to blend the colors harmoniously, the outcome will be elegant than sparkling highlights that start at the root. For a simple styling you can give your strands some waves and let wind play with them bringing out the beauty of your color melt.Tiger Eye Hair ColorElegant Balayaged Hair

This new trend is excellent for medium to long strands. You can literally have a totally new look without doing too much of unnatural. If you think that you need to update your dark hair, do it with the help of tiger eye hair color! When you pair this amazing hair color with gorgeous bouncy waves, you really can’t go wrong.Elegant Balayaged HairLayered Tiger Eye Hair Color

The most beautiful part about this stone is the dimensional blend of light and dark shades. It goes without saying that dark hair forms a perfect base for gold and bronze highlights. You can show off the beautiful color combo with the help of layers. Anyway we are happy that the colorists created an amazing trend like this being inspired by a stone.  Layered Tiger Eye Hair ColorCaramel Ombre Hair

This incredible hair color involves sweet caramel hue that makes the overall design look more subtle and feminine. When applied in the right tone, caramel looks cool on everyone. Anyway it is not necessary to have extra long strands to show off the beauty of the shades since short hair works well too.Caramel Ombre HairChic Balayage Hair

Here is another cool option of pulling off tiger eye hair color. These warm, earthy tones perfectly flatter model’s skin complexion. When you wear these shades make sure to coordinate your hair with your outfit. For a simple styling, go for smooth roots and wavy tips.Chic Balayage Hair

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