Sweet Yellow Hair Color Ideas

Yellow hair color means a lot of attention. Yellow locks literally rock and it is perfect for any lady who doesn’t want to follow the standard hair coloring norms. Instead of going for monotone brown and blonde shade it is good to try out one of the shades of yellow to create a design which will hardly be visible on anyone else. With this shade you only need to give your locks a good chop and then use the most popular coloring techniques such as balayage or ombre to create a top notch look. So, if you want to upgrade your look with the bright color than have a look at these examples.Sweet Yellow Hair Color IdeasElectric Yellow

The brightness of electric yellow is totally enough to transit any hair into an outstanding hairstyle. In this design the shade throughout the head is the most dominant part, if you want to create some contrast stay away of coloring your natural dark roots. To style your incredible mane you should knit two small braids and push them into a face to frame it. This hairstyle is only for brave heart ladies.

electric yellow hair color for 2017

electric yellow hair color for 2017

Balayage Golden Curls

Golden yellow is a unique shade and it is fantastic for a woman who wants a color that will make her stand out. In this hair design balayage technique has been used to create a transition from chocolate brown shade to a golden yellow to get a luxurious hairstyle. The long and textured curls provide an excellent canvas for the colors.

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