Sweet Mint Green Hair Color Ideas for 2017

We have had a chance to see various options of cotton candy hair in 2016. Still most of women desire to pull off subtle lavender or girlish pink hues. Undoubtedly these shades are cool but what about mint green hair for 2017. It is no less sweet rather than other cotton candy shades. According to hair experts mint green hair color is going to be a hot trend in the upcoming year. This shade is appealing to every human being consequentially everyone can do his/her experiments with it. Check out these gorgeous pictures to give you all the green hair inspo you could ever need.  Sweet Mint Green Hair Color Ideas for 2017Wavy Mint Green Hair

Pastel green hair can look as feminine and chic as you want. The monochromic look of mint green shade provides ladies with a “Barbie Doll” appearance that they have always dreamed to have. Anyway try styling it in loose beach waves for a look that’s very in right now. In this case hair tools and products will definitely come in handy.Wavy Mint Green HairRainbow Pastel Hair

Oh! Here is another cool option to pull off this shade. As you see light green strands don’t need to stand alone to shine. Go for a crazy rainbow look by incorporating green, teal, purple and pink highlights into your hairdo. Well, the colors work really great together. Of course it is not an easy look to achieve but it is really worth your time and effort.Rainbow Pastel HairMetallic Mint Hair

Well, it is amazing to see how mint green is being combined with other shades to create a better look. In this particular style light teal locks gets a metallic finish with white-blonde pieces. Feel free to use color-enhancing products to keep that shine going. Anyway it is a high-maintenance look so you will need regular touchups. Make sure that you are using a color-treated shampoo.Metallic Mint HairLong Teal Hair

If you want to brighten up your blonde strands and enhance the overall appearance, consider opting for pastel green hair that looks funky and beautiful. For blonde hair wearers it shouldn’t be so hard to achieve this style. At least they don’t have to bleach their strands while brunettes should attend several bleaching sessions to get light teal locks.Long Teal HairLavender and Mint Green Ombre Hair

Pastels don’t always need to be shinny and they may have a better look when paired with other pastel shades. Here is an excellent example that entails using light shade of purple and teal to create a hot ombre pattern. The strands work really great in a cool matte. Matt lips, matt nails, matt hair- isn’t it fantastic?Lavender and Mint Green Ombre Hair

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