Subtle Hair Highlights for Everyone in 2018

When thinking of a haircut or hair color change, the first thing that comes to mind is hair highlights. Never expect that highlights will go out of style. Here I have put together some mind blowing balayage hair highlights for everyone in 2018. Whether you are looking for a hair color change or you have an intention to go for a big crop, you need to see these catchy pictures. Note that these highlights work for everyone regardless of a natural hair color or texture.Subtle Hair Highlights for Everyone in 2018Choppy Cut with Mixed Highlights

A good haircut is complete when paired with a right hair color. Sometimes all you need to do is to place several highlights throughout your top layer and you are done. Ask your hair colorists to place some platinum highlights on brown locks for an extra pop. When it comes to the crop, keep it dramatic with choppy layers. The look is modern yet edgy.Choppy Cut with Mixed HighlightsLoose Waves with Balayage Partial Highlights

Use partial balayage highlights to create s beautiful ombré like this. If you want to recreate this look, ask your hairstylist to bleach the tips of your locks. It’s not necessary to go for a big contest to create a catchy look. You may choose highlights that are two or the tones lighter than your natural hair. Take example from this gorgeous model.Loose Waves with Balayage Partial HighlightsBlack Hair and Balayage Highlights 

Black hair wearers always think of enhancing their hair color without going for a big change. Well, luckily that’s possible. Stay a dark-haired lady, while making your hairstyle even more interesting by applying your favorite shades on the tips of the strands. If you want to apply light highlights, you will need to bleach your hair.

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