Stunning Hairstyles for Turquoise Hair for 2017

If you have already had turquoise hair and you want to update it with cool hairstyles, here you will find some stunning turquoise hairstyles for 2017. Turquoise shade is associated with calmness and femininity. Actually you can pair this shade with silver, brown or any other pastel color. Anyway the hair color is not enough to have a chic and sophisticated look, consider hairstyle as well. Some of hairstyles represented below are really effortless. If you are ready, let’s start!Stunning Hairstyles for Turquoise Hair for 2017Turquoise Black Hair

It is not a secret that turquoise shade makes an excellent pair with natural black shade. This color combo looks incredible on longer strands. Apart from tints, styling is also stunning. If you are planning to recreate it then go for effortless twists. Two sections are twisted from both sides creating an easy half up half down hairstyle. This option is great for ladies who have always looked for mermaid hair.Turquoise Black HairCotton Candy Hair

This look comes from a basic blonde shade. The blend of purple and turquoise create a cotton candy hair that has a bit bold and fierce look. This is an excellent idea for ladies who are looking for bright and vibrant shades. For a simple styling, go for effortless waves. Anyway it is not an easy task to maintain these unnatural hues. At least you will need to use conditioners and color-treated shampoos.Cotton Candy HairTeal to Turquoise Ombre

Long hair makes an excellent canvas for creating masterpieces. Lots of space allows you to go for various color combinations. Here is an excellent ombre design that involves a cool transition from teal to turquoise. Turquoise shade is available for any season of the year and it looks exceptionally gorgeous when you decide to go from darker to light shade. Just keep hair wavy to bring out the beauty of ombre pattern.Blue Green Hair

I have already mentioned that turquoise hair looks great when paired with some other pastel shades. Consider combining it with blue shade since it will help you achieve a lovely headdress. In case to achieve a perfect turquoise green color melt go for hair painting technique. The colors will provide with a mystical look.Blue Green HairRainbow Hair

If one or two colors seem too boring for you, go for rainbow hair trend. Here is an excellent idea for you. Turquoise blue and purple are perfectly blended to create what you see below. The color combinations looks incredible on soft waves that make the overall look even more vibrant. Note that the roots are dark enough to create an incredible contrast.Rainbow Hair

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