Soft Ombre Hairstyles for 2017

Soft ombre or sombre color technique is trending due to its overall effortless. Any hairdo created on a sombre hair has an incredible look. It doesn’t matter you have long or short, wavy or straight hair, since the color transition will give an extra pop to your strands. There are so many options for your sombre- blonde, red and even grey color options. Keep in your mind that trendy hair colors are always multi-tonal. So, sombre technique will definitely provide you an effect of naturally faded locks that are a hot thing right now. We have something to excite you among the following examples of soft ombre hairstyles for 2017.Soft Ombre Hairstyles for 2017Blunt Bob with Grey Sombre

This blunt bob is a bit edgy but super stylish. The best thing of this cut is that it looks flattering almost on all hair types. However the hair gets a unique and sophisticated appearance due to a trendy grey shade. As you see these cool tones contrast well with warm complexions. You don’t even need a special hairstyle to show off your color combo… straightening the strands is more than enough!Blunt Bob with Grey SombreAsh Brown Sombre

This ridiculously gorgeous and ethereal hair will definitely draw people in. If you want to show off fairies and princesses living inside you, then do it with the help of this hairstyle. It involves transitioning ash brown shade into blonde. With sombre technique everything seems so easy! Just add some waves at the tips of your strands and your ultra-feminine look is ready to rock!

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