Smoky Lilac Hair Color Ideas

We have already had fun with pastel hair trend (particularly rose gold dye) but if you are still curving for moodier hue, we have found grunge inspired color that you should definitely try-smoky lilac hair trend. This incredible tint varies in tone from pale silver lavender to deep foggy violet. Well, the purple is barely visible or you just need to catch the color in the right light to see it. Smoky lilac hair always looks amazing and fantastic regardless of how smoky it is. The color has been developed by popular colorist Guy Tang. Feel free to get inspired from the pictures represented below.Smokey Lilac Hair Color IdeasDark Smoky Lilac Hair

As an update of the trend of lavender and grey, smoky lilac is causing a boom on Instagram social media. From straight strands to big waves this hair tint is making its presence more and more obvious. This smoky lilac hue looks incredible on sleek straight hair. It allows you to rocks pastel hues without going too bright. This is going to be your last obsession.Dark Smoky Lilac HairSmoky Lilac Curls

This hair trend involves shade of silver and lavender. The combination of the soft shades creates a seductive smoky effect which can easily revamp your dull mane. In this particular design extra-long strands have been updated with lilac hair color. It takes away that dull feel and introduces some interest into the style. The strands have been styled in gorgeous waves to finish the look.Smoky Lilac CurlsSmooth Smoky Lilac Hair

The subtle color melt of lilac and grey shades creates an incredible look that is worth to pull off. We truly love that harmoniously blended shades. You just need to choose a right hairstyle to accentuate this amazing color melt. A slight waviness will bring out the beauty of the smoky lilac hue and give an extra pop to the style. It is one of the best ways to rock this trend.Smooth Smoky Lilac HairSmoky Lilac Waves

Here smoky lilac hair transitions from a deep grayish purple down to foggy lavender. The result happens to be a mysterious unique shade that looks exceptionally gorgeous on longer strands. So with a sophisticated color like this you don’t even need to go for complicated hairstyles. Just try to keep it simple with gorgeous waves.Smoky Lilac WavesSmoky Lilac on Straight Hair

It is a modest look that doesn’t require any contrast. The colors have been harmoniously blended into each other to create a chic style. Anyway the locks have been styled in a sleek straight design to bring out the beauty of the shades. This color will definitely make you stand out in the crowd.Smoky Lilac on Straight Hair

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