Smokestack Hair Color: New Hair Color Trend for 2017

If you are a big fan of the rainbow hair color trend then you are going to love the next big trend called smokestack hair color for 2017. Do you remember the tie dye hair color trend offered by Pravana company? Now they have combined the light violet hair colors with smokey grey shades to achieve the smokestack hair color idea. smokestack hair colors 2017When you compare the result with a real smokestack, you realize how fantastically they have brought out this cool idea. The lovey and well-balanced gradual change of colors from light purplish grey to deep violet looks well-balanced and fascinating. These stylists have really gone deep into the theme to provide with the desired effect.

smokestack hair color 2017

smokestack hair color 2017

How to Get: The smokestack hair coloring technique is created by the talented hair colorist Vadre Grigsby. It’s not a simple hair paling art to ask for any hair colorist. It requires a careful choice of shades and the right coloring method. Vadre Grigsby begins coloring at the nape of the neck to the hairline applying the tints from the darkest to the lightest. The result is a multidimensional mixture of shades, which bring out the smoke-y effect.

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