Silver and White Hair Highlights

Silver highlights are chic for funky people like you. It is the best moment to show off the powerful effect of silver highlights. When you sport a striking and mind-blowing color you realize that it’s your own world and you are free to design it the way you want. Ask your hairstylist to place some gray highlights throughout your hair and show off your beautiful headdress. Celebrities have already managed to experiment with this rich yet natural shade, so it’s your turn now! For inspiration, check out the pictures of these models with silver and white hair highlights.Silver and White Hair HighlightsBlack and Grey Hair

Well, if you choose to wear a simple and classic hairstyle, try to be more experimental with your color. The best way to enhance your look is to add some grey highlights with the help of balayage technique. The combination of dark and light shades adds some dimension and depth to the strands. This style is popular both among young ladies and mature women, so it doesn’t require any age restriction.Black and Grey HairBrown to Grey Highlights

The best thing about grey is that it can be perfectly paired with natural shades such as brown, black and etc. Here, grey highlights look absolutely gorgeous on brown hair. When paired with black shade the grey creates a contrasting look but with brown layers like these you can achieve soft and subtle look. It is a trendy hairdo that is pretty popular among trendsetters.Brown to Grey HighlightsSilver Hair Highlights

Well, it is kind of hard to imagine that auburn strands can be combined with silver highlights. The truth is that silver highlights go well with auburn shade and this particular design is the best proof of my words.  The auburn shade perfectly blends into silver highlights and creates a dimensional look. For styling you can add some gorgeous curls at the tips of your strands.Silver Hair HighlightsBrownish Grey Hair

This style is an excellent option for ladies who are not fond of striking contrasts. Try to place some grey pieces on your brown strands and the result will be a soft and delicate brownish ombre. Even a minimal amount of grey streaks make a huge difference. If you like this particular style, show the picture to your stylist!Brownish Grey HairAsh Bronde Hair

What about this version of silver hair? As you see silver highlights work well on any base. However it will be better to go to your stylist to get your desired effect. A few silver streaks painted on brown hair will provide with a romantic and feminine look. Just give our hair some structured waves and the color melt will be more than noticeable.  Ash Bronde Hair

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