Rainbow Hair Color Trend for Brunettes

Finally brunettes also can rock rainbow hair trend. It is not necessary to have super light strands such as blonde to pull off rainbow shades. Well, that’s true, light strands are an excellent foundation for electric dye but that doesn’t mean dark-haired ladies are not allowed experimenting with vibrant hues. The rainbow hues you select will indicate how much you should lighten your locks. For example blues and violets require having eight or nine base that is almost pale blond while for reds, oranges, greens your locks should be bleached to a level seven or eight. Now feast your eyes on these pictures of rainbow hair color trend for brunettes for having better idea about rainbow hair.Rainbow Hair Color Trend for BrunettesPomegranate Brunette Hair

Ask your colorist for the balayage technique that involves crimson, burgundy and violet tones to create a bold and dimensional look. So who can pull off this color combination? Actually the contrast between the color and green/hazel eyes looks exceptionally amazing but pomegranate brunette flatters almost all complexions. But in case if you have warm peach honey undertones ask for coppery hues instead of violet.Pomegranate Brunette HairBlush Brunette Hair

Here these brunette strands have been livened up with hand-painted caramel and rose shades. Well, this look lasts long and will have a fresh look even after several months. If you are planning to re-create this look, ask you colorist for very thick slices of you preferred fun color. To add extra drama, style your strands in waves or curls.Blush Brunette HairNeon Hair for Brunettes

If you are tired of typical boring hues then these super bright tones of violet, magenta, orange and pink are definitely for you. Well, if these bright shades are close to your nature then don’t hesitate to get it. To achieve this style, ask you colorist to lift your hair at least a level eight blonde to place neon shades. The base color can be magenta or any darker shade you want.Neon Hair for BrunettesDark Rainbow Hair

This is a modern take on oil slick hair! To achieve it the colorist used shades of violet, indigo, lavender, navy and cobalt.  This color trend is flattering on medium to light brunettes. Anyway it is important to use a right technique to achieve a perfect result. If you place some bright shades around your face, it will add extra dimension to your look.Dark Rainbow HairChocolate Mauve Hair

A harmonious blend of mauve, deep chocolate, pink and warm light brown shades is great for all brunettes out there. It is a flattering color combination on all complexions. Chocolate mauve hair is an excellent option for ladies who are looking for a more subtle rainbow hair look. To replicate this particular style ask your colorist to concentrate the darker shades on the lower layers while focusing the lighter shades on the top.Chocolate Mauve Hair

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