Popular Celebrities Rock Rainbow Hair

Our favorite celebrities are the first introducers of rainbow hair. When no one was expected to see green, blue, purple and other bright hair colors, they popped up with colorful heads and proved that even the most unexpected shades can be used to color your strands. Who doesn’t remember Kylie Jenner? Perhaps she has experimented with the craziest shades ever. It is impossible to see her in the same look for a while. By the way she is not the only one. If you want to see other celebrities rocking rainbow hair trends, then simply go through our article.Popular Celebrities Rock Rainbow HairHillary Duff: Turquoise Hair

Yes, this actress also has made a drastic change by going for mermaid hair. Turquoise hue works really well with her skin tone and brings the beauty of her eyes. What else she needs to do rather than making her strands a little bit wavy and messy. Let’s hope that Hillary will impress us with some other crazy hues as well.Hillary Duff Turquoise HairNicole Richie: Pink Hair

Gorgeous Nicole Richie simply shines in her pink hair. She is all about the extremes. From the beginning she was rocking a pink bob then she has turned it into this pink pixie. Well, it really compliments her tanned-skin tone and gives an extra shine to her eyes.Nicole Richie Pink HairGwen Stefani: Pink Stripes

Forever blonde Gwen Stefani decided to switch up her hair color with hues that are not natural- the blonde recently has been upgraded with pink strips. Well, the creatively placed pink hue makes her blonde pop up. You can also follow her and add some vibrancy to your blonde strands.Gwen Stefani Pink StripesKaty Perry: Purple Strands

Katy Perry has debuted this look at the Grammys and suddenly people started to love it. Purple hair trend is gaining popularity day by day. The best way to rock it is to pair your purple with darker roots. This shade accentuates her eye color and flatters her cool skin complexion.Katy Perry Purple HairDemi Lovato: Teal Hair

Well, Demi Lovato also has been spotted with rainbow hair. Her bob haircut with turquoise underneath and a shaved side will always be inspiring for ladies who want to go bold. Nothing can show off your wildness better than this look.   Demi Lovato Teal HairHayley Williams: Orange Hair

If someone is skeptical about orange hair color then they should have a look at this picture of Hayley Williams where she is rocking orange hair. It works really well with her white skin tone and highlights her green eyes.Hayley Williams Orange HairAnna Paquin: Blue-Violet Hair

Anna Paquin known as “True Blood Star” colored her blonde strands into blue-violet. The shadow roots pop up and enhance the overall look. She can be a good source of inspiration for ladies who are looking for rainbow hair.Anna Paquin Blue Violet Hair

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