Pastel Hair Ideas for Older Women for 2017

Rainbow hair trend is not only for young people. There are some notions about older women, such as they can’t rock vibrant shades or they can’t grow their locks since it is not appropriate for their age. Well, today we are going to break all those stereotypes. Here are women with cool hair who will totally inspire you. They rock various pastel tints -from blue to red, orange and etc. It is time to take your gray strands to a top-notch. Just make sure to achieve pastel hues with the help of a skilful colorist. Now, if you are ready, let’s check out these pastel hair ideas for older women for 2017.Pastel Hair Ideas for Older Women for 2017Silver Blue Hair

Just because you are mature that doesn’t mean you can’t be flashy, stylish and have a crazy flair for life. This gorgeous woman has silver blue hair that totally compliments her skin complexion. Everyone knows that silver-blue strands are in trend right now and it looks cooler on older women. Just make sure to opt for a right hairstyle to accentuate the color.Silver Blue HairEveline Hall Grey-Pink Ombre Hair

Eveline Hall is a singer model and actress who can be a perfect inspiration for women who are not brave enough to pull off rainbow hues. Her grey-pink ombre will definitely steal the spotlight. She has straightened her locks to show off the beauty of ombre pattern. Eveline would say- “What’s the best age? I would say it’s this very moment. I would like to be an inspiration for young women to prove there are no age limits”.Eveline Hall Grey-Pink Ombre HairBeatrix Ost Lilac Hair

If you want to get that “wow” factor then this option is for you. Lilac hair looks so sweet on 76-years-old Beatrix Ost. She encourages older women to take the plunge and go purple as well. With a rich hair color like this you don’t have to go for any special hairstyle rather than a simple low bun. By the way this shade will be pretty easy to achieve on your natural grey strands.Beatrix Ost Lilac HairBaddiewinkle Grey Hair with Blue Streaks

“Age doesn’t have a thing to do with beauty”- Baddiewinkle. Well, she convinced us that beauty doesn’t have limits. 88-years-old women enhanced her grey strands with the help of blue streaks. Grey and blue work really well together to create a chic and sophisticated hairdo. We are truly in love with Baddiewinkle’s hair.Baddiewinkle Grey Hair with Blue StreaksVivienne Westwood Orange Hair

Vivienne Westwood impressed us with her orange hair. It seems she doesn’t even care about her age. Her strands are styled in a carefree and nonchalant style that still brings out the beauty of orange shade. This vibrant color is meant to give an extra pop to the strands.Vivienne Westwood Orange Hair

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