New Hair Highlights Ideas

There are times when you don’t want to go for a huge hair color transformation but need a simple trick to liven up your locks. In this case, hair highlights come for help. They help to add depth and dimension to your hair and make it healthier, shiner and prettier. Today we are here to discuss several new hair highlighting ideas for different base hair colors, complexions and eye hues. Keep your eyes on some of the most suitable options for you to try this highlights 2017Dirty Blonde Hair with Light Blonde Highlights

Thin and subtle light blonde streaks on dirty blonde hair are the best solution for you to lighten up your current hair color. Here we are admired by Jennifer Aniston’s blonde hair color with lighter highlights created by her professional colorist Michael Canale. Michael describes this shade as a caramelized blond with three signature highlights including beige tones which bring out her lovely eye hue. Canale advises to update this hair color from every four weeks up to three months once you notice it’s getting faded.Jennifer Aniston dirty blonde hair with highlights 2017Medium Brown Hair Color with Golden Highlights

Golden highlights always tend to enhance brunette hair colors. Kate Beckinsale’s colorist Tracey Cunningham says that this medium brown shade needed a kind of refreshment and additional shine, that’s why they decided to go for golden highlights. The result is close to the trendy balayage.

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