New Colombre Hair Colors for 2017

Latest colombre hair color trend makes everyone talk of its daring and dramatic appearance. Colombre is the modern twist of traditional ombre style. The best part of this trend is that you can combine the brightest and vivid hair colors to make the pattern as chic as you want. The color choice is up to you as it depends on your preferences and complexion. Here I have developed a list of some cool colombre hair colors for 2017 to inspire you to pull off a trendy look that is totally out of the norm. Read on to see more!New Colombre Hair Colors for 2017Red on Blonde Ombre

The red and blonde combination is bold, edgy and adventurous which’s why it will be a popular choice. However it can still help you create a dramatic appearance without looking unprofessional. Blonde and red color combination would be particularly appealing for those who are seeking for a unique style without sacrificing professional ambitions. This is an easy look to achieve when you have light-colored strands.Red on Blonde OmbreTeal Green Ombre

If you like the appearance of vibrant and subtle hair colors, then this lovely teal will give your strands a major update. This color is associated with calmness and warmness. This color screams warm spring days and hot summer nights. You could never achieve a more excited and feminine ombre pattern rather than this one. Note that the combre looks great on short bob haircut.

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