New Cinnamon Swirl Hair Color Ideas

Hair color trends are pretty much limitless these days and each day we are admired by a new and creative hair painting idea. The new hair color trend called cinnamon swirl is your ultimate combination of shades based on dessert effect of brown and blonde hues. If your latest hair inspiration is ombre, balayage or bronde then you have found another one to use this year. It’s the cinnamon swirl hair color idea with its warm blonde highlights and dark roots. This is not the common ombre style but a mixture of sombre, ombre and bronde. Actually it’s a non-blended mix of dark and light tints from the rich palette of blonde and brown.cinnamon swirl hair color trend 2017Our creative and skillful hairstylist and colorist Ryan Pearl who brought the world the popular chocolate chip hair, claims that recently he has worked with many blonde and brunette celebrities/models who inspired him to create the cinnamon swirl color combo. He has developed a new hair color that will soon become the trendiest one in the fashion world.

cinnamon swirl hair color 2017

cinnamon swirl hair color 2017

Pearl says that the way he likes to explain hair color to his clients is by the means of food especially sweets and cookies. Why? Because there are the sweetest shades of brown and blonde in sweets. Remember caramel and chocolate hair colors. When it comes to cinnamon swirl, he explains that he uses the technique of painting hair into warm tones of blonde and brown to get this amazing result.

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