New Balayage Hair Colors to Wear in 2018

Having a good hair color is must because a “good hair color” not only provides with a beautiful appearance but also boosts your confidence. When it comes to modern hair colors, balayages are always in. Any hair color created with balayage technique produces a flawless look. You can use this technique both for natural and pastel shades. Below I have compiled some amazing looks with striking balayage hair colors for 2018. Go on reading and get the best ideas for your next hair color makeover. Extreme Balayage Ombre 

Here is a modern take on a traditional balayage look. The entire color creates a sophisticated hair look that has tips fully colored in a cool blonde shade. Despite the ultra -light tips, dark roots blend well with the shade. Get a look that is high-maintenance but absolutely striking. Any hairstyle is going to look great on an incredible hair color like this. Coppery Blonde Balayage 

This coppery blonde shade leans on reddish undertones. Anyone that can’t commit between blonde or red tones, should definitely go for both of them. Those who want plenty of warmth in their hair, will love this color combo. When it comes to getting the color, it has dark brown roots that blend into coppery blonde and cool down at the tips. It is a multi-dimensional hair color that is worth trying. Cool Ombre Balayage 

Here is a classic balayage for blondes that are looking for a way to enhance their outdated blonde shade. The best thing about it is that the color works nearly on everyone. However, it is not an easy shade for brunettes. Balayage creates a flawless look that is not only striking but also ultra-feminine. We love this shade because it looks super natural. Rose Gold Balayage 

Rose tones continue to be the most required options among women around the world. No one can resist the beauty of the shade. In this particular look the rose shade seamlessly blend with blonde creating a lovely balayage hair look. Highlights throughout the strands enhance hair texture, volume and dimension. Subtle Chocolate Balayage 

Chocolate is the best shade for all those brunettes who are fond of darker shades. Even with dark shades you can create a bombshell look. Here is a great example of brunette balayage that is absolutely low-maintenance. Dark chocolate tresses are highlighted with light caramel tones that add some warmth throughout the strands. Make sure to use a hand-painting technique for the best look.

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