Mulled Wine Hair Color

Have you ever thought of drawing your next hair color inspiration from your glass of mulled wine? Perhaps no, but everything- from food to nature, serves a great source of inspiration for hair colorists. When it comes to this shade, it is a mix of deep red and orange-y tones. In fact it complements various skin tones and eye colors. It is a great hue for redheads that are looking for new ways to spice up their current hair look. Go on reading and explore some cool ideas for mulled wine hair colors. Mulled Wine Hair Color 

This hair color will leave everyone breathless and it imitates the best Bordeaux you can ever drink. It has been the hottest trend of winter and the color will be in the center of attention in the upcoming seasons as well. The deep hue is easy to maintain and it is also super affordable. Make sure to show your hair colorist this photo so you can recreate exactly the same look. Mulled Red Hair Color on Long Hair 

Here is another version of mulled wine hair color that requires mixing several shades seamlessly to achieve a great trend like this. Obviously, the darker spectrum of the color that is a great idea for ladies that have always thought that being dark-haired is more fun. A wavy styling not only brings out the beauty of the shade but also make the entire style complete. Mulled Wine Hair Color 

The advantage of wearing a mulled wine hair color is that it gives dimension to your hair and infuses it with youth. Unlike many other Instagram trends, this one is super wearable. As I have mentioned the trend is great for everyone. It flatters different skin tones, including dark, light and medium. Here is an example on how the color look on dark skin tone and eye color.   Mulled Wine Ombe 

It is not necessary to change your entire hair color to know how it feels like to have mulled wine tone throughout your locks. Just try the ombre trend. It requires maintaining your roots and going for mulled wine towards the tips. Indeed, this option is easier to achieve, particularly when you are a brunette. If you keep your dark roots you can cut your visits to hair salon. Mulled Wine Hair Highlights 

The following look proves that you can’t go wrong with this trend. If ombre is not your thing, you may try red hair highlights applied here and there. Everyone will admit that this is the best option for brunettes. 

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