Mahogany Hair Colors to Try in 2018

Ask your hair colorist to paint your locks with impressive tones of sunset. However, it is important to use a right technique for achieving the style. It goes without saying that hair colors done through balayage are always subtle and ultra-feminine.Mahogany Sombre HighlightsRose Gold Mahogany

Metallic hair colors are having a moment right now. You can never go wrong with a hair color that uses metallic tones. The model’s mahogany hair has been highlighted with incredible streaks of gold. The hint of gold enhances the look of the strands and provides with a new hair color option. This version of mahogany makes a great idea for red shade lovers as well.Rose Gold MahoganyAll Over Mahogany

If you are ready to commit and experiment with more vibrant shades of mahogany, this incredible idea is for you. It is all about a rich mahogany hue that is applied as an all-over shade. Note that curls and waves are great for bringing out this incredible tone throughout the locks.All Over Mahogany

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