Mahogany Hair Colors to Try in 2018

This luxurious and exotic hair color is in between red brown tones. It is just a great idea for ladies that can’t commit between red and brown hues. Mahogany is a rich shade that can be worn by women that are screaming for attention. Compared with other red sub-tones, mahogany is low-maintenance as it is in the darker spectrum. Here I have compiled some mahogany hair colors to try in 2018. If you are more into natural tones, you will love these ideas.mahogany hair colorsMahogany Brown Hair Color

We know how it is hard for you to choose a hair color that is both low-maintenance and statement maker. Well, for this reason, we highly recommend starting off with a more natural shade. Maintain the naturally dark brown shade of your roots and go for a subtle mahogany towards the tips. It is an easy color to get and plus you don’t need to worry about regular touch ups. Mahogany Brown Hair ColorMahogany Highlights

Another easy way to play up with tones is to apply hair highlights. No surprise, hair highlights are quite trending nowadays. They work great for every skin tone, hair color and natural texture. Well, if you are obsessed with mahogany shades, we offer you go for mahogany highlights. Structurally placed highlights will bring out the best of your complexion and naturally brown hair.Mahogany HighlightsMahogany Sombre Highlights

Aren’t you in love with beautiful colors that light up the sky at sunset? Well, you may use these tones as a great source of inspiration for your next hair color makeover.

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