Lucy Hale’s Hair Colors to Wear in 2017

Lucy Hale is a popular American actress that has already managed to gain lots of fans around the world. Most of her fans try to copy her looks since they find her pretty inspiring. If you also want to re-create her look, here are Lucy Hale’s hair colors to wear in 2017. Get ready to see almost all hair colors she has ever pulled off. Anyway most of these shades have a natural-looking appearance and they would look perfect on anyone, who is totally in natural hair colors.Lucy Hale Hair Colors to Wear in 2017Lucy Hale Ombre

This gorgeous actress is the queen of ombre looks. First of all she played with blonde by sporting a dramatic ombre fade from dark chocolate to light cinnamon. This ombre look compliments almost all skin complexions since darker base balances the overall look. You just need to grow your strands out to display this color combination.Lucy Hale OmbreLucy Hale Honey Highlights

Hale looks so stunning in natural hair colors and here is the next idea for all natural hair color lovers. Add some warm blonde highlights through your dark hair to provide with that extra layer of dimension. Highlights are always great when you don’t feel like wearing a high-maintenance hair color. With highlights you don’t have to attend regular touchups.Lucy Hale Honey HighlightsLucy Hale Auburn Hair Color

Somehow it is hard to understand whether it is red-auburn or brown but it looks so cool on her. This worm red hue gives off a glowing radiance as it catches the light. It makes her eyes pop up and compliments her skin tone. You don’t have to go for a complicated hairstyle rather than straightening your strands.Lucy Hale Auburn Hair ColorLucy Hale Dark Sombre

While looking at this picture of Lucy Hale you may think she is wearing ultra-dark brown hair but she added some brightness at the tips transitioning to a warmer brunette shade. It looks super natural and the contrast is barely visible due to the sombre technique. When it comes to the styling, you may just curl the tips of your strands.Lucy Hale Dark SombreLucy Hale Golden Blonde

Here this amazing star shows off light brunette roots blended into the rest of her golden blonde strands. The golden blonde color is worn on medium-length haircut that is slightly waved. It is an iconic headdress that may serve as a good inspiration for your next makeover. With a hairstyle like this your look will never seem boring or plain.Lucy Hale Golden BlondeLucy Hale Auburn Highlights

Why would you need to go for all over color change when you can spice up your look with trend highlights? Hale did exactly like that by spicing up her natural dark shade with some warmer red-tinted highlight. She cropped off her strands to display this amazing hair color.Lucy Hale Auburn HighlightsLucy Hale Chocolate Brown Hair

Lucy Hale proves that solid and elegant hair colors will never leave hair trend. Well, it seems Hale doesn’t tend to rock this brunette shade anymore but it would be an excellent option for the winter months as well.Lucy Hale Chocolate Brown HairLucy Hale Blonde Balayage  

Lucy looks adorable both in blonde and brunette shades. This blonde color has been paired with super-bright highlights around the face that provides perfect hair inspo for ladies who are looking for lighter hair color ideas. The color is achieved with the balayage technique.Lucy Hale Blonde Balayage  Lucy Hale Pink Highlights

If you prefer bolder hair color ideas here is a good option for you. Lucy Hale offers throwing in a few hot pink-streaked strands for a playful look. It goes without saying that the contrast between natural hair and purple highlights is going to pop up.Lucy Hale Pink HighlightsLucy Hale Light Brunette Hair

Brunettes will truly appreciate Lucy Hale’s hair colors because one of these shades can be an excellent way to upgrade your darker strands without going bold. In this picture she is wearing a chestnut brown hair color that looks no less interesting than the rest.  Lucy Hale Light Brunette Hair

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