Light Ash Brown Hair Colors for 2017

Before going for any hair color, we all have some questions such as: how does it look like? What skin tones is it best for? And so on! Well, these are important questions that should definitely be answered. If you are planning to go for a light ash brown hair dye, here is a guide with pictures and the best shades of light ash brown hair colors for 2017. Let’s hope this light shade will meet your preferences and create a desire in you to opt for it.Light Ash Brown Hair Colors for 2017Light Ash Brown and Your Skin Tone

When it comes to matching a hair color with different skin complexions, you have to know which shades will flatter your skin best. Apart from a skin tone, you should consider your eye color as well. So now we are going to find out which skin tones are the best for this chic and sophisticated hair color. Light ash brown shades flatter cool skin tones consequently if you have bluish or reddish undertones this hair color will be suitable for you.  

light ash brown for cool skin

light ash brown for cool skin

Best Highlights for Light Ash Brown

Highlights are in demand! Most women prefer to spice up their hair color with highlights instead of going all over color change. However you still need to pick a right tone in order not to destroy your look. Actually highlights for brown hair are so diverse that it is hard to choose something. If you have already had light ash brown strands consider caramel, wheat, light blonde and dark ash blonde highlights.

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