Light and Dark Ash Blonde Hair Ideas

The majority part of women wants to achieve the best in ash blonde shade. Well, ash blonde is a chic color that can be paired with various tones. Those who have already had ash blonde hair can easily achieve nearly all pastel hues. Today I have collected the coolest ideas worth combining with your ash blonde hue. These simple and stylish techniques will provide you with the best effect. Just have a look at the best light and dark ash blonde hair ideas and get inspired from.  2017 Light and Dark Ash Blonde Hair Ideas Metallic Pink Hair Color

This curly hairstyle makes go for unnatural colors to create a more dramatic appeal. This dye job requires several hair coloring products but the final result is simply mind-blowing. The lovely pink color with frizz-free curls creates a perfect combination. In this design the colorist has created a sharp contrast allowing the hair to transmit from girly pink to sober grey shade.

mettalic pink hair color for 2017

mettalic pink hair color for 2017

Pastel Balayage Ombre

It is a typical pastel shade that requires some hair products to add vibrant colors to lighter tone. The root stretch technique has been used to transform the darker base into a soft blonde. The hair involves some silver, violet and mauve balayaged highlights to create a rainbow look. The overall design is pretty interesting and muted shades break all the brightness of the tones.

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