Latest DIY Hair Color Ideas for 2017

There are tons of ideas on how to dye hair right to get the desired shade but a few are the tones that are easily-achieved shades that you can opt for at home. Here are the latest DIY hair color trends for 2017. If you have decided to get a fashionable and fresh shade at home then you can make your choice between these hues. They are easy-to-do DIY hues to inspire fashionistas.Dark Brunette Hair ColorFull-On Platinum Blonde Hair Color

The first shade is the platinum blonde, which are supposed to achieve on naturally blonde shade to get the full-on effect. Those with brunette hair need to go for deep bleaching before dying their locks. If you are ready for such a cool experiment then pick up a shiny hue of platinum blonde and go ahead with a brand new style. women with light eyes will look like angels with fully platinum hair.Bronde Hair Color

While many women rock this shade as their natural hair color others mix some blonde and light brown hues to get the same result for their hair. Whether you are blonde or brunette you can become a bronde-haired stunner with the right mixture of hair dye. Take the right amount of blonde and brown hair colors and try to achieve a hue that compliments your skin tone and seems to look well with your eyes. Then lighten or darken up your current shade with it.

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