Latest Blue Hair Colors to Copy for 2017

turquoise blue hair color 2017Pastel Blue Highlights

As for the pastel blue shades, let’s mix them with the rest of pastel hair colors to get a combo of light hues. Girls with naturally blonde hair can add pastel pink and blue highlights all over for such a sophisticated result. It’s ideal for any length of hair. You may use it to soften your short haircut too. Stylists recommend keeping pastel highlights in washed out effects as such effects are trendier in 2017.pastel blue highlights 2017Silver Blue Hair Color

If you want a fully blue hair color festival on your hair here is the biggest blue hair color trend in 2017. It’s the popular silver blue shade that best goes with naturally light hair, light complexion and light eyes. However, you can match it with dark complexions and eyes too. Choose the shade of silver that best goes with your skin tone and eyes. The best part about the silver blue shade is that it’s the newest granny hair trend that looks fresher and shinier.silver blue hair color 2017Opal Blue Hair Color

The concept of the opal blue hair color is the mixture of purple, pinkish and bluish tones where the dominant shade is the light blue. This one is more interesting and exquisite. You can match it with light eyes and pale to medium complexions. The longer your hair the more beautiful will be the result. blue hair color 2017

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