Latest Blue Hair Colors to Copy for 2017

Summer is in the air and we are ready for the craziest hair color ideas. If you have been waiting for the blue hair color trend for 2017 then you are in the right place to find out the most gorgeous tones of blue for your ark or light locks. These are the most popular shades of blue that grab attention from the first sight and make you so unique. If you are ready for a big change then start it with a new hair color.Latest Blue Hair Colors to Copy for 2017Dark Blue Ombre Hair Color

Instead of the fully ink blue or blue black hair color women choose dark blue ombre hair colors for their brunette strands. Women with black hair can use this idea to beautify their dull locks. This trick works well especially with long hair. Keep the top part in your natural black shade and dye only the tips into a dark blue tone. It will change your style and look in a more fashionable one.dark blue ombre hair color 2017Turquoise Blue Hair Color

Marine and oceanic shades have always been the subtlest and most feminine hues of all blues. Try this tone of blue if you want to get a brighter and more mysterious style. The turquoise blue hair color has a kind of richer effect, which is reflected thanks to its multidimensional tone. You may combine it both with light and dark complexions as well as with dark and light eyes.

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