Instagram Inspired Hair Color Trends

Instagram has a great influence on the fashion industry. If someone wants to know about the latest trends he/she should scroll down the Instagram feed and everything will become more than clear. The most popular hairstylists and colorists share their masterpieces and they go viral on Insta. The highlighted hair colors, pastels, and crazy ombres made us to create a list of the coolest creative hair colors that you have a chance to see on your Insta page. Go on reading to see Instagram hair color trends that are up-to-date.Instagram Inspired Hair Color TrendsDenim Hair Color

Well, we don’t talk about your favorite pair of denim jeans but a trendy hair color that has drawn its inspiration from denim jeans. The varying tones of blue, navy and grey flatter almost all skin tones. This trend is not new but it doesn’t show any sign of disappearing in 2017 too. So, if you want to become s popular user on Instagram, just go ahead with denim hair color.Denim Hair ColorStenciled Hair Colors

Stenciled hair has been another trend on Instragram. This idea was developed by hairstylist Janine Ker. When everyone was busy with ombres, Janine tried to draw her pattern of choice into a stencil which she held directly on the hair. Now you can have the craziest patterns (flowers, geographical patterns and etc) right on your strands. The best part is that stenciled hair colors are totally safe and will provide a cool effect without damaging your strands.

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