Hottest Hair Colors of 2017: Celebrity Inspiration

The beauty of natural hair colors can’t be compared with anything else but we know how versatile they can become with subtle highlights and new hair color mixtures. Below you are going to see stunning celebrities with the hottest hair colors of 2017. They are here to tell you what’s new and what you need to do with your current shade to make it shinier and more beautiful. Check out the best looks of celebs with the loveliest red, blonde and brunette hairstyles.Hottest Hair Colors of 2017: Celebrity InspirationNatalie Portman Light Brown Hair Color

Natalie Portman is one of the hottest celebrities that like to match her hair colors with her skin tone and eyes. So, here she is with light brown hair color paired with those dainty brown eyes. She is very subtle and feminine in her hair color ideas and hairstyles. This glossy hair color ideally works with her complexion and brings out the shine of her luscious hairstyle.Natalie Portman light brown hair color 2017Bella Hadid Dark Brown Hair Color

Bella Hadid is surely a looker with her light eyes, light skin tone and that dark brown shade of hair. She stands out in the crowd just thanks to her contrasting tones and that lavishing beauty everyone dreams about. This model is surely one of the most inspiring ladies in the fashion world. She always has something interesting to offer her stylish followers. Her dark brown hair has become one of the trendiest styles these days.

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