Hottest Dark and Light Red Hair Colors 2017

dark red highlights 2017Mahogany Red Hair Color

Those with medium complexions may try something in between. For example, the bright and natural-looking mahogany red is a great shade for anyone who wants to get a new yet elegant style instead of going too bold. Luckily, mahogany red is a medium shade of red and it compliments women of different age groups. Older women choose it to hide their gray strands and to look younger. Do the same in case you feel as if something youthful is missing in your look.mahogany red hair color 2017Copper Red Hair Color

It’s beyond doubt that copper is an awesome hair color idea for everyone who has fair to medium skin tones, light or bright eyes. The biggest advantage of this hair color is that it brings extra-shine and delight with it for all types of hair and haircuts. You can match it with a variety of haircuts from short to long. The result is gorgeous with green or blue eyes.copper red hair color 2017Light Red Highlights

Special for blondes there are light red highlights to warm up your hair color and make it look richer. Ask your hair stylist for light ginger red highlights according to your skin tone and current blonde shade. This combination is perfect only if our blond has some golden or yellowish effect.light red highlights 2017

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