Hottest Blonde Hair Color Trends for 2017

While brunettes are enjoying their darker strands, blondes try to find new ways to update their light strands. In this case various hair color techniques come in handy, including balayage, ombre, sombre and etc. Each of the techniques provides a unique look. Here I have selected the hottest blonde hair color trends for 2017 to inspire you and give you some interesting ideas of enhancing your blonde strands. Who knows, maybe we will convince our brunettes to go blonde too! Read on, to see more!Hottest Blonde Hair Color Trends of 2017Blonde Color Melt

Monotone locks are not seductive anymore since everyone wants to rock several hair tones at the same time. Here is a multi-dimensional hair color that requires blending blonde and brown shades to create a gorgeous color melt. In case if you want to add a little depth to create contrast, this version is excellent for you. The smooth strands are styled in waves to bring out the color melt.Blonde Color MeltBlonde with Shadowy Roots

Blonde with shadowy roots is the next hot trend of 2017. It has already been popularized by colorists and everyone loves this trend. In this style the colors have been done in sombre pattern to avoid any drastic color change. The shadowy roots gradually fade into light blonde creating a subtle sombre. You can keep your strands stick-straight for a better effect.

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