Henna Hair Color and Its Shades

Want to color your hair permanently? Henna is a beneficial and beautiful option for those who prefer to keep their hair away from harsh chemicals and any kind of damages. Besides henna hair colors have several cute and natural-looking shades. It is made of a private bush, which basically grows in eastern countries. The natural shine of this hair color captures many brunettes and redheads. Henna provides hair with rich and vibrant hues, which sparkle beautifully under the rays of the sun.henna hair color 2017Hennas are believed to be the first hair dyes used since 3400 BC and continue to be among the best hair color for healthy and strong locks. Eastern women are known with their thick and stunning hair, which shines daintily due to the hues of henna. Henna can sometimes be combined with rhubarb chamomile, coffee, and indigo. When choosing a shade of henna one should also pay attention to its origins. For example, Egyptian and Pakistan henna provides hair with a weak orange-y hue, while Iranian henna provides with vibrant reddish shades.Medium Brown Henna Hair Color

It’s possible to get medium brown hair color with the help of henna dye if you have chestnut or light brown hair color. The result is very soft and rich. It will make your locks stronger and more powerful. You can match medium brown shade with long, thick and straight hairstyles.brown henna hair color 2017Chestnut Brown Henna Hair Color

Many women seek for chestnut brown hair color as they believe that this is the most seductive hair color for women. According to the reaches and statistics, most men like women with chestnut brown hair colors. This is the most “intelligent” hair color that you can get with brown henna dye.

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