Hair Colors To Try Before Summer Ends

We are not sure when exactly our pastel- hair color obsession began really but one thing is certain, this trend is still much desired. Be that aqua-blue or cotton-candy pink, these shades are girls’ favorite. Indeed, it is quite hard to maintain pastel tones, but the beauty of hair you get is totally worth that effort and time you lost. Below I have listed the coolest and most eye-catching hair colors that you should definitely consider trying before summer ends. If you are ready let’s colorsPastel Pink and Orange

Paint your chic tight ringlets with unconventional hair colors such as orange and pink. Well, get these tones through half and half coloring technique. Indeed, you will never regret for your decision, as it will make you stand out in the crowd. Note that these shades complement dark skin tone as well. See your hair colorist before you decide to copy the look.Pastel Pink and OrangeAqua Blue Hair Color

Daring hair colors are for you? This aqua blue is a cool tone you should sport. It is still unconventional, so you need to lift your hair to the highest level of blonde before applying this tone. Aqua blue is a unique tone that will speak about your wild nature. This model is wearing a blue hair color that gets even lighter towards the tips. The look requires too much upkeep, so consider regular touchups.Aqua Blue Hair ColorCotton Candy Hair

Talking about summer hair colors, we can’t forget cotton candy hair. Surprisingly this chic, yet girly hair color complements an array of skin tones including dark, light and medium. This woman is wearing a pink hair color on her gorgeous afro mane. The spiral curls give extra charm to the style. Try it for yourself and make a bold statement.

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