Hair Colors for Women with Green Eyes

With a right shade you can pull off any hair color you want be it blonde, red or brown. The excellent undertones for this complexion would be pale strawberry, ash, white platinum, purple burgundy, ash browns, soft browns etc. Discuss with your hair colorist to know the greatest shade for you.Green Eyes and Fair Skin

Almost all dark shades work great for women with fair skin tone. If you are thinking of rocking a red hair color, opt for bright red or brown with red undertones. Shades of maroon also look great on fair skin tone. Almost all shades of brown work well with this complexion, for blondes we would rather recommend going for pale blonde white or honey blonde.Green Eyes and Dark Skin

Perhaps it is the rarest combination you will ever see, but those who has need to think of a right hair color. Green eyes and dark skin provide with a wild appearance but indeed, it’s catchy. For your hair you may go for brownish hues. They bring out both skin tone and eye color.

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