Hair Colors for Women with Green Eyes

Green-eyed ladies are always in the center of attention. People surrounding them always throw compliments because of how striking their eye color is. If you have green eyes, you are among the luckiest people. There are countless coloristic solutions that will complement your eye color. However, apart from eyes, you should also take into consideration your skin tone. To help you out, we have selected some gorgeous hair colors for women with green eyes.Green Eyes and Olive Skin Tone

Women with olive skin tend to have golden flecks in it. This makes your eyes and skin perfect for trying various mix of shades. Some of the best shades for this complexion are golden blonde, copper-y based shades, chocolate brown and rich golden brown hues. However, you can try auburn hues as well. Talk with your hair colorist before giving it a try.Green Eyes and Warm Skin Tone

When it comes to this complexion, it allows you to pull off rich blondes, such as golden blonde, honey blonde, champagne blonde, butter platinums. From browns and reds you may try toffee brown, chocolate brown, caramel brown and red based burgundies. You would better avoid black and ash blonde hues.Green Eyes and Cool Skin Tone

For women with green eyes and cool skin tone opens up various light hair color solutions. But there are some dark hair colors that can be considered too.

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