Hair Color Inspiration from London Fashion 2017

Be it a street style or runway, women know how to dress in London. We love the innovative experiments of hairstylists and hair colorists that rock the posh salons in London and offer us new and cool hairstyle ideas. We are thankful for the talented designers who dress up their models so daintily and beautifully and match their outfits with the shiny hair colors and unique hairstyles. This time we will discuss the latest hair color trends for 2017 from London fashion. Open your eyes wider to get your next hair color fashion hair colors 2017Creamy Ombre Hair Color

Matte hair colors in two-tone effects are rather fascinating than too eye-catching mixtures. When you combine light blonde and brown hair colors you get a cute creamy ombre hair color which sparkles on straight, sleek and soft hairstyles. Here you see one such example. It is really one of the best creamy ombre hair colors to use in 2017. The top part is daintily kept dark and the rest of hair is lightened up into a dirty blonde hair color. The sweet touch on the blonde shade is very touchable thanks to the glamorous and classic straight hairstyle.creamy ombre hair color 2017Coral Hair Color

Is this a lovely mixture of pastel pink and rose gold hair colors? Well, whatever it is it’s the new coral hair color with dark roots. It comes from the posh Korean fashion and has become very popular in London. We see many stylish girls in coral hair color on the streets of London. This pinkish shade strands out from the rest of bold hair colors. It tends to give you a cute dolly look instead of the rude rockabilly style. Both blonde and brunettes can pull off coral hair color either with light or dark roots.

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