Guy Tang Hair Color Ideas for 2017

We love to follow professional colorists to see their latest masterpieces. Today we have done our own research to represent you Guy Tang’s hair colors for 2017. Guy Tang is a Hollywood hairstylist and balayage ombre expert. According to him your hair is the biggest accessory you can’t take off.  He loves to create art with the hair and you will definitely see that he is pro in his job. He is a good source of inspiration for many other stylists and just for ladies who love to change their hair color frequently.Guy Tang Hair Color Ideas for 2017Guy Tang Red Hair Color on Black Base

Here is the first inspiration for redheads or for those who want to go red. Guy Tang has created a marvelous red hair color on black base. It is an excellent option for brunettes who want to go for radical changes. Cherry red ombre highlight will definitely accessorize your black strands and make you stand out in the crowd. Give your strands right-in trend waves and you are ready to rock!Guy Tang Red Hair Color on Black BaseGuy Tang Blonde Hair Color

Guy Tang has turned level 1 hair to a seamless blonde. I am sure everyone will agree that this is an incredible blonde hair that everyone would love to have. The roots are a bit darker and create a stunning contrast with the rest of the strands. Apart from coloring model’s hair, Guy Tang also styles it. He perfectly matches the color with the hairstyle and the result happens to be this iconic look.Guy Tang Blonde Hair ColorGuy Tang Rainbow Hair

While talking about Guy Tang’s hair colors it is impossible to miss his rainbow hair. He has perfectly mixed warm and cool tones to achieve a multidimensional hair color like this one. Actually it is not an easy task to have a hair like this since it requires a right combination of tones. Blondes will not need to go for bleaching.Guy Tang Rainbow HairGuy Tang Pink and Coral Hair Color

This is for all ladies out there who are in love with mermaid hair. Guy Tang has mixed pink and coral tones to achieve an unnatural yet ultra-feminine hair color. The darker roots pop up and create an incredible ombre like design. With natural roots everything seems easier since you don’t have to attend frequent root touchups although it still requires lots of care. Use conditioners and sulfate-free shampoos.Guy Tang Pink and Coral Hair ColorGuy Tang Silver Hair

This is an amazing silver shade by Guy Tang that has flooded Instagram. After he has uploaded this picture of his client everyone desired to go silver. Well, silver is the hottest trend right now and it is impossible not to love this sample. Take it as an inspiration and go ahead with it. Guy Tang Silver Hair

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