Gorgeous Splashlight Hair Colors

Hair coloring techniques are evolved day by day. Each season we are admired by the innovative experiments of hairstylists who find our easier yet more productive ways of styling our locks.  One of the latest hair color trends is the splashlight hair color idea for the big fans of mixed hair colors. Like most hair highlighting and coloring techniques splashlights are also meant to illuminate the hair. This is a unique style for many women who have tried out millions of hair highlights and loom for something subtler and more natural-looking.Splashlights hair colors 2017What is Splashlight and How to Get It?

Let’s first unveil the secret of splashlights. It is a new hair color trend that tends to frame the face with a tender charm and shine. The coloring technique involves horizontal splash of shades on middle part of hair. Unlike the common and traditional vertical hair highlighting it is applied horizontally, that’s why the effect is so natural. the creator of the “Pink Splashlight” Mario Charalambous explains that this is a kind of light projection and a game of subtle hues.splashlight hair color idea for short hair 2017 The best part about splashlight is that it can be applied on any length of hair unlike many other hair colors, which require long haircuts. You will get a romantic look if your add splashlight o your naturally wavy hair. Women with straight locks will get rather classic and sophisticated look. For example you can play with platinum blonde hues having dark hair or add some pastel splashlight to your light hair colors.

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