“Gloss Smudging” Brand New Hair Color Trend of 2017

gloss smudging for brunettes

Gloss Smudging Process: Hill also explained to Refinery 29 that any colorist who wants to recreate the look should highlight his/her client’s hair and after washing out, apply a toner or gloss to the roots with a brush effectively “smudging” where the roots end and the color begin. There is nothing complicated about this process but the difference is huge.

blonde gloss smudging

Is smudging for you? Hill said the technique is for everyone and by saying everyone she really meant every single lady out there. Actually the technique was perfected for blondes, but it can be done on any hair color as long as you are going lighter. Smudging will definitely soften the highlights throughout your dark locks.

Gloss Smudging highlights

Gloss Smudging highlights

Advantage of Smudging: What’s the advantage of smudging? Well, besides giving a natural vibe to your highlights smudging extends your time between touch-ups. That’s because the toner takes several months to fade out as your roots start to grow out. It is actually a striking option for everyone.

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