“Gloss Smudging” Brand New Hair Color Trend of 2017

We have already managed to see literally everything -from nude hair color trends to vibrant and vivid shades. And we have seen various techniques that require applying the color in a way to add a natural appeal to the look. Thing that we got from these trends is that the key to a perfect look is hair highlights. This summer’s hair highlighting trend is gloss smudging and it is absolutely striking. Gloss smudging hair highlights for 2017 may radically change your entire appearance. Go on reading to know more about this brand new trend.Brand New Hair Color Trend of 2017Creator of this trend: So who is standing behind this trend? It is a first-rate blonde hair colorist Kari Hill from Meche Salon. Hill explains that the smudging sweeps away the line of delimitation that we all get after highlighting our locks. Then she adds that any colorist can do it on anyone, regardless of hair color, texture, complexion and etc. It is pretty tempting, isn’t it?

gloss smudging hair color for 2017

gloss smudging hair color for 2017

What is Gloss Smudging? This is one of the questions that you would definitely give your colorist before asking for gloss smudging. Keri Hill explained “It just takes out the deliberate look of the highlights at the root and it works well when going lighter”. However blondes shouldn’t be limited as even caramel to mocha highlights benefit from smudging. In a word, a process called gloss smudging is meant to eliminate the “vivid” area between roots and color, resulting even more natural looking dye job.

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