Geode: Hottest Hair Color Trend of 2017

Looking for a brand new hair color? Meet geode, the hottest hair color trend of 2017. Geode is a kind of unusual and unnatural hair color that has drawn its inspiration from crystals. It is a modern take on the rainbow hair trend. It seems the colorist has decided to take the rainbow trend to a whole new level. It is an excellent hair color that will help brighten up your appearance and of course your Instagram feed. If you are curious about this hair color, just keep on reading.Geode Hottest Hair Color Trend of 2017Who is standing behind this color? The Benjamin Salon’s colorist Cherin Choi is the creator of this lovely hair look. He claims that it’s actually easier to perfect rather than it appears. It is perfect news for fashion gurus as all of them are in search of new looks and new styles. We are going to see the color everywhere, as soon as the colorists figure out the formula.

purple turqoise geode hair color 2017

purple turqoise geode hair color 2017

Colorist Cherin Choi reveals the secret achieving this look. The locks should be lifted to pale yellow then to be toned in a blondish white to eliminate yellow. The strands should be totally dried to apply purple on the mid part and the moonstone blue onto the tips. The color transition from dark at the roots to the blue and purples on the tips imitates a geode. Final effect is seriously eye-catching and irresistible.

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