Galaxy Hair Color Trend for 2017

Galaxy hair color trends for 2017 will definitely turn many heads and make you stand out in the crowd. This trend has been inspired by the movie “Star Wars”- it served as an exceptional source of beauty inspiration. Well, whether it is surprising or not but galaxy hair doesn’t require a specific coloring technique. It is all about the dye shades selected. Galaxy hair is also included in rainbow hair trends since it involves several pastel hues. We can see from indigos and cornflower colors to bright alien green. This look is for bold beauty-lovers; go on reading to see some pictures.   Galaxy Hair Color Trend for 2017Purple Pink Hair

The combination of purple and pink creates the best galaxy hair. The transition from purple to pink has been done in an ombre pattern. The contrast created by these two colors is more than visible. Well, the result is a bright hair color that will definitely help you steal the spotlight. Give your strands some waves to show off this bold color blend.Purple Pink HairBlonde Hair with Hidden Galaxy

Here is another way to rock galaxy hair. Have you ever thought combining your blonde locks with galaxy colors? Well, here the color contrast is too much which makes the look super bold. The top layer is blonde while the underneath layer sports purple, blue and green shades. The best thing about this color combo is that you can partly cover your galaxy hair with the help of blonde layer. Anyway, bold beauty-lovers will appreciate this style.

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