Fall Hair Color Ideas from Hollywood Stars

Celebrities usually change their hair colors according to the coming season. I know you need a new fall hair color inspiration and I am here to offer you to take examples from the most attractive Hollywood stars who follow the rules of the fashion and keep up with the trends. From the lightest to the darkest, there are lovely shades for the colorful fall.fall hair colors 2016 2017Kate Beckinsale Brunette Hair Color with Highlights

Naturally brown-haired women change up their hairstyle with the help of thin and natural-looking highlights. Your stylist can add caramel highlights if your brunette hair is warm and somehow light like Kate Beckinsale’s brown hair color. She has medium warm complexion, which ideally goes with caramel highlights. These are called piecey highlights from the top to the tips and look lovey on super straight and slightly wavy hairstyles.Kate Beckinsale Brunette Hair Color with Highlights 2017Sofia Vergara Light Brunette Hair Color

If you are in a search of a lighter brunette hair color for the coming fall season then copy Sofia Vergara’s following hair color. It’s a more blended option of brown that provides with dark roots and lighter tips creating a soft and elegant ombre hair color. Since Sofia Vergara has medium skin tone with dark eyes this combination looks so natural on her hair.

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