Eclipting Hair Color Technique for 2017

Are you ready to meet a new hair color technique? Well, here we are with an eclipting hair color technique for 2017. When the colorists introduce us balayage technique we never wanted to look back anymore. But it is the best moment to come over this new trend that still provides with a cool and mind-blowing look. Eclipting technique takes into account facial features in order to contour hair color around the face to bring out the client’s best features. Well, it means this face-flattering technique uses contrasting colors that differ from person to person based on their features.Eclipting Hair Color Technique for 2017According to Aveda Global Artistic Director for Hair Color, Ian Michael Black to replicate an eclipting hair, the experts should keep it darker around the face to get a gorgeous frame, while the foils on the crown of the head creates a seamless blend of color. As I have already mentioned eclipting technique is being done according to the client’s features so it may involve an opposite dark and light approach.   

eclipting hair color for 2017

eclipting hair color for 2017

Actually this hair color technique starts at the consultation, where the hairstylist analyses client’s color desires against her facial features, eye color, skin tone, eyebrow etc. The colorist should show a different approach if the client has a fringe. In this case color applied through twisted strands of hair to achieve dimension. Dark and light effects create an incredible contrast.

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