Dramatic Two-Tone Hair Color Ideas

Thinking of a dramatic two-tone hair color idea? Make your choice between these crazy two-tone hair colors and spice up your look with a modern touch. We offer the latest trends and help you to opt for the right style considering your skin tone, eye hue and hair length. If you want to create a cool contrast between your hair colors then you are in the right place. There is no any other gorgeous way of getting a contrasting hair color than combining two different shades.two-tone hair color ideas 2017Blonde and Black Two-Tone Hair Color

It’s possible to create a stunning two-tone hair color taking natural human hair colors like blonde and brunette. When you combine them in one hairstyle, you achieve a pure contrast. Even thin and subtle highlights are able to provide with an eye-catching effect. If you have blonde hair then add some dark brown or black highlights or dye the half of your locks in a dark shade. In case you have dark hair go ahead with a light blonde shade.blonde black two-tone hair color 2017Two-Tone Pastel Hair Color

Combining pastel pink with another pastel hair color has become very popular these days. Women dye the half of their locks in a light candy cotton pink shade and the other part in a mint green, lavender, sky blue or other light pastel hair color. The choice is always up to you. Try to create a harmonious effect between two hair colors.

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