Denim Blue Hair Colors for 2017

Denim blue hair colors for 2017 are simultaneously avant-garde and can provide with a unique look. Obviously denim blue is not a natural hair color but due to the muted shades it is totally wearable. Choosing a right shade of denim hair color is not an easy task because you should take into consideration your complexion and texture. There are many techniques to apply this shade and all of them provide a different look. Be that balayage, ombre, highlights or something else, you are going to stand out with your stunning hair color.Denim Blue Hair Colors for 2017Denim Blue Balayage

The denim hair color effect is based on texture, highlights and lowlights. Here incredible dark blue shade has been paired with mint highlights to create a balayage effect and this color combination gives an extra-charm to the lengthy strands. With a sophisticated hair color you don’t need to do lots things rather than giving your strands some waves.Denim Blue BalayageMatte Denim Hair

Generally most of women want shiny hair, this matte finish on shades of dark grey and violet blue creates a gorgeous matte denim hair that totally reminds of a pair of jeans. These soft strands have been matched with layered cut to give it a modern and chic style. In spite of the fact that it is a high maintenance look, you should definitely try it because it is one of the most stylish versions of denim blue hair.Matte Denim HairDenim Blue Hair with Dark Roots

There is nothing cuter and more adorable than these double buns on denim blue hair color. It has been achieved with a mixture of indigo and arctic blue strands. The locks have been styled in wavy and massy pattern to add some cool vibes to the look. Note that the roots are kept dark to reduce the maintenance. You can go all over blue hair but when the darker roots start to pop up, don’t rush to the salon since you will achieve another gorgeous hairdo.Denim Blue Hair with Dark RootsBlack to Blue Ombre

These brushed out waves look magnificent due to the color combination. Blue and black shades have been paired to create an excellent ombre design. This look is for those who want to achieve a contrasting look. The natural dark top makes the things easier but you will still need to use regular conditioners and shampoos to keep this royal blue shade fresh and trendy.Black to Blue OmbreSilver Purple Denim Blue Hair

Whether it is surprising or not but silver can create as much denim hair effect as blue. Here the silver locks have a hint of purple that gives a ravishing feel to the style. With a color like this you can wear any hairstyle you want but try to keep it simple. Curls or waves are perfect when you want to display your blue hair.Silver Purple Denim Blue Hair

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