Demi Lovato Hair Color Ideas for 2017

Being an adventurous singer, Demi Lovato has already pulled off many haircuts and hair colors. Pink tips, blonde ombre, blunt bangs, shaved sides- Demi has experimented with all these styles. Just a little bit courage and you will perfectly rock her incredible headdresses. As a source of inspiration, Demi’s styles can be pretty helpful. You can sport one of these hair colors in 2017. Keep reading to find the best transformations and makeover changes of Demi Lovato.Demi Lovato Hair Color Ideas for 2017Long and Carbon Black

Here is gorgeous Demi with her long and carbon black tresses. She was fully committed to hair dye and long tresses. This color perfectly flatters her skin tone and makes her eye pop up. For a simple styling, go for a side paring and waves. The long side bangs make a great frame for her round face shapes. We truly love this simple yet elegant headdress.Long and Carbon BlackBlonde Ombre Hair

What about this style? Well, before shaved sides and colored tips, Demi used to rock a blonde ombre hairstyle. We can say that hair color totally changes her look and provides with a feminine style. Every star has pulled off this style and Demi is not an exception too. This long blonde ombre is a low-maintenance look so you can easily sport it.

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